Bioconstructions|Permaculture -Volunterra

Volunterra as a Civil Partnership  -CEO|Allan C. Coffman

contributes to regional sustainable development through eco-techniques, improving life quality of the population and the tourism sector through sustainable volunteering practices around the world

Mission -Strengthen the concept of sustainable development considering the environmental balance, social justice, citizenship, social equality and democracy to be recognized as agents of change in society.
Vision -Form  actionable promoters for community development, being the protagonists of their present and architects of their future , respectful of diversity in all its forms, honest, creative, open, critical, peaceful, caring, and committed to achieving a better quality of life for all.

Volunterra’s name comes from the union of the  words voluntatis (will) and terra (earth).

“The will to aid planet Earth”
Volunterra is Vertical Gardens Bioconstructions Mud Ovens Health Essencial Oils Medicinal Herbs Permaculture & much more..

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The elaboration of Urban Gardens guarantees the consumption of healthy foods, reconnects you with nature and supports your family economy.
Enjoy these benefits, in our Environmental Education Centers we teach you to do your own garden at home.

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Information on Workshop theory / practice Information on construction at home. The ecological oven is multifunctional. Its elaboration consists in ancestral techniques that incline us to the natural thing a practice #trend for the XXI century.

You can have yours!  Gets Your’s NOW!

"Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important 
labor of man. When tillage begins, other arts will follow. The farmers, 
therefore, are the founders of civilization".
                                                     -Daniel Webster



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