An impression about what i DO …

I've told you once that I find quite amazing the way your eye capture space and time through a camera. In your work/vision I see a strong intuition, awareness of your surroundings, an awaking of sensibility that has being developing year after year; and a domain of the technique. Your sight is the one of a life apprentice. Remember that art is one of the most noble human activities, if your heart is true, it may open our soul to new ways of learning about ourselves and to undesrtand the human condition. Life it self is a whole mistery, human beings had being trying to give it meaning through art since imemorial times. Rimbaud once said: ''Le Poète se fait voyant par un long, immense et raisonné dérèglement de tous les sens.'' Inquiring in the matter of tuning our sences to further horizons, Rimbaud had it clear, art made him a ''Übermensch'' in therms of Nietzche's ''will of power''. In other words, we create our reallity and we artists, we reflect it with art. We may give it cause, to incite human mind and soul evolution. We need more artists in the world. I'm glad you're one of them. 

By César Zegbe Jones

-Thank you dear friend for your kind and wise words. i appreciate it and value the teaching your friendship has giving me.
best regards.
A. Coffman



Author: A|Coffman

|World Trek Photographer| & |Human Improvement Counselor| As a Freelance Photographer, I am a fortuitous man in innumerable ways. As a world traveler i have stepped along through Scandinavia, Latin America & The United States. Along the journeys I've meet interesting people, each character with an eccentric adventure to reveal which i passionately capture in my art work. My life, odyssey of experiences full of fantastic explorations and enlivening encounters on which with a C A N O N in hand 'I aim to capture the essences of life that many would not look to find'. ...this is precisely what my audience likes about my art work: The true colors and unnoticed facets of inner and outer beauty that are all brought and mirrored into P H O T O G R A P H Y. #a_coffmanphotography #a_coffman_photography #acoffman_photography #acoffmanphotography #TravelGuide #NATGEOtravel #Volunterra_ArticAdventures

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